Tuesday, 30 September 2008

E17 Designers were back in Walthamstow Village on both Saturday 6th and 13th September 2008 for two successful events, when we returned to the Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow Village, as part of the E17 Art Trail. 600 people (we think more people sneaked in through the side entrance
…) came to visit, despite the rain the first week, but we had a great Indian Summer on the second week to compensate.

We had a lovely spread of goodies for everyone, with a really great mix of new faces and regulars showing a variety of gift products spread over the two weekend dates, plus the usual cakes to spice up the day. Other handmade items to be found were; jewellery of all styles and tastes, baby and kids wear, furnishings, ceramics and far more. There were different designers each week adding lots of variety and spice to the event.

E17 Designers were proud to be part of the E17 Art Trail in its fourth amazing year when 9 days of art, exhibitions and events opened in venues all across E17; spaces all over town hosted free events with the work of hundreds of local artists on display; giving people the chance to meet the maker and take away something with a story that you won’t find on any high street.

Past E17 Designers Markets, Walthamstow:

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Vestry House Museum and Harmony Hall May 2008
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Summer 2008
Green Fair/Fellowship Symphony Lloyd Park
September 2008
Art Trail Vestry House Museum 2008

You can next catch the E17 designers at the Christmas market event, the perfect opportunity to start christmas shopping.

Christmas Event:




To get in touch email the designers at: info.e17designersmarket@yahoo.co.uk