Monday, 18 May 2009

Introducing some of the designers: The original trio

The E17 designers are a talented bunch whose work is completely unique and varied. So each week we'll be introducing some of them to you and showcasing their creative talents.

First up are the original trio of the group, Carolyn Abbott, Ali Reader and Clare To
mlinson, who started selling their wares in a cafe amongst friends. They have grown the group into successful events that take place around Walthamstow in great venues such as the Asian Centre & Vestry House.

Carolyn Abbott, who also teaches around Walthamstow is the great promoter and organiser behind the events. Her energy surpasses wonder woman!
Carolyn is a textile designer of felted textiles in striking colours, handfelted using an exciting variety of colourways and textures, creating subtle, lightweight fabrics or cosy, felted woollens.
You can contact Carolyn at:

Ali Reader of 'Ali Reader designs' creates a range of cards and gifts but she's most notorious for her great bags that come in a spectrum of wonderful colours and patterns! Her stall is a great fix for anyone addicted to material especially patterns!
You can contact Ali at:

Clare Tomlinson is the co-founder of Little Mashers, which was inspired by a local allotment and along with Andrew Davies, created characters of vegetables to help their small son develop an interest in the food growing there. From these characters developed their designs for kids clothing, aimed to promote health foods in a quirky and fun way. Also check out their great recipes on their website, aimed at kids but I've tried a few myself and they're delicious for adults too!
You can contact Clare at:

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