Thursday, 23 February 2012

Turnaround at the Wood Street Indoor Market.......

The Wood Street Indoor Market has been completely revamped and is now full with lots of new artists and designer craft makers, including the Turnaround exhibition space. Today is the last chance to see Turnaround 2 and tomorrow kicks off with Turnaround 3........

Turnaround - a series of 11 exhibitions in 12 weeks by members of the Waltham Forest Arts Club in a pop-up gallery in an all-windowed kiosk at the Wood Street Indoor Market February 4th to April 27th.
A group of over 30 artists has created a series of exhibitions in a shop at Wood Street Indoor Market from February 4th to April 28th 2012. The pop-up gallery will host 11 exhibitions in 12 weeks. The project is called Turnaround – referencing the hoped-for regeneration of the Market, the fast turnaround time of the exhibitions and also the idea of saying “come over here and take a look”. Because the space is completely made up of windows the title also alludes to seeing both the front and back of the hanging works. The artwork for the exhibition series includes painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, photography, performance, video & sound works, installation, textiles, mixed media & crafts, bookarts, music and poetry.

The artists are all members of Waltham Forest Arts Club, a group of over 300 amateur & professional artists, writers, creatives and musicians based in Waltham Forest that meets monthly to organise exhibitions and community projects. Most of the work is for sale at affordable prices. Please email or ask at the space for the contact details of the artist to arrange a purchase.

Because art regenerates and creates cultural and social opportunities this series of exhibitions has made for fantastic promotion of the Market and the Wood Street area as well as given much needed exposure to the Arts Club and the individual artists. The pop-up gallery and the 20 other new creative practices and cafes that have joined the Market have added some new-found energy. The place is really buzzing!

See the full schedule and images on the project website:
Wood Street Indoor Market, 
Shop No.40, 
98-100 Wood Street, 
Walthamstow, London 
E17 3HX
Located in North East London, 2-minute walk from Wood Street Station, just 17 minutes from Liverpool Street Station
Opening Hours
window viewing:
 Mon. & Tue. 10:00-5:00

door open:
 Wed. to Sat. 10:00-5:00

Private View evening: each Thurs. 6:00-8:00

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Julie Caves said...

Thanks for mentioning the Turnaround project on your blog. It has been a great series of exhibitions so far. And there are more to come! A new show each Saturday at 1:00.